This week’s W.O.W. Award recipient has been nominated by several clients who have insisted she be recognized for her hard work and success in the gym. So, by popular demand, we would like to congratulate Janelle S. as the people’s choice for our most recent W.O.W. Award!

Simply put, Janelle is a ROCKSTAR!!

Janelle started out a quiet, reserved woman who put her head down and worked hard. She would listen to instruction, do her reps, not say a peep to anyone and never show signs of struggle. She made it look easy!! But as the months went by, Janelle started to open up and we saw more of her amazing personality shine though. She has even befriended a number of our more effervescent clients who have encouraged her
that it’s ok to give a little sass (at our expense!!).

But all joking aside Janelle has quickly become one of the most popular clients at F.I.T. Her attitude and work ethic are supreme and she never seems to have a bad day.
Since starting with us in July, Janelle has lost just over 20lbs, 7% body fat and over 16 total inches! Her transformation has been so evident that on more than one occasion we have been asked if that is the same girl from before!

During the process, Janelle has gained an absurd amount of strength, an unending amount of energy, a new-found sense of confidence and a good group of friends who support her and have her back! <3

As a new mom with a full-time job, Janelle probably doesn’t always feel like waking up early and hitting the gym, but her results are proof that hard work and consistency pay off. She has done what so many people wish possible for themselves. And she’s done it in style - the safe way, the smart way and the
sustainable way.

When asked about her experience at F.I.T she had this to say:

“I started out wanting to lose some weight. I’ve done that but gained a lot more including muscle, energy, confidence, and an inner strength I didn’t know I was capable of. I love the feeling of an accomplished workout and I carry that feeling with
me throughout the day. Thank you F.I.T. for helping me find myself again”.

Congratulations Janelle and thank YOU!!!