WoW Award!

Bryan is a renaissance man of sorts. He does it all. He’s a dad, a business man, a baker, a horticulturalist, a rap music aficionado and an exceptional leader. He is a man of character, charisma and charm who leads by example – a real servant leader, fighting it out in the trenches with his team. He’s humble, hard-working and a helluva beast in the gym!!

Like a lot of our clients, Bryan is in charge of managing and leading a team of high performance business professionals. The most successful men and women understand that it’s not only the decisions they make in the boardroom that enable them to accomplish their goals but also the decisions that help prepare themselves to be more effective leaders. Regular physical exercise, adequate rest, proper nutrition, hydration, managing stress, goal setting, visualization, preparation and applying commitment to a plan and taking action.

It’s Bryan’s commitment to self-improvement that has ultimately helped him lead himself and his team to victory.

But what’s even more rewarding to hear about are his RESULTS! Bryan has lost 25lbs of FAT, put on a ton of muscle and went from wearing a 38” waist to a 32”!!! (He might even fit back into his high school jeans)

Bryan’s progress in the gym is testament to his commitment to developing personal discipline, focus, patience and humility. You can’t learn those traits through a book, only by embodying the lessons through personal experience. In the words of Jocko Willink, “The principles are simple, but not easy.”

Congratulations Bryan and THANK YOU for all of your hard work. You have been an absolute pleasure to have in the gym. Keep it up!!