Staying on plan while traveling

You work really hard leading up to a vacation to look your absolute best! After putting in all of that hard work, it makes absolutely no sense to throw it all away and fall into a pit of bloated lethargy half way through your holiday.

Here’s a roadmap to staying on plan while on holidays:

1.   Do not cut carbs/crash diet/take obscene fat burner/[insert other quick fat loss scheme here].Unless, that is, you plan on maintaining that diet while you’re on vacation (I’ll take one piña colada without the piña or colada, please). By drastically changing your diet in the weeks leading up to a holiday, you may drop some body fat and water weight quickly.  However, once these restricted foods are reintroduced, you will feel bloated, weighed down and tired.

2.   Carry your water bottle. Hydration is key! It is easy to get so caught up in the new sights and activities that we forget about simple things like drinking enough water. Depending on the type of vacation you are on, make sure to keep a camelback-style backpack or water bottle with you. Staying hydrated will keep you energized throughout the day; it will improve your sleep quality and help you feel refreshed for the next day.

3.   Plan some activities in advance. Some of us love busy, active holidays; some of us prefer the appeal of a relaxing beach. Whatever your holiday flavor, it can do a world of good to plan a day or two of activities that aren’t available to you back home. Plan to navigate a hiking trail, snorkel, take a surfing/snowboarding lesson or explore other local opportunities.

4.   Find hotels with fitness centres. Unless you’re vagabonding, you’ve likely got an idea about where you will be staying/sleeping each night. As part of the planning process, scope out some hotels that advertise fitness centres. By getting your sweat on first thing in the morning you will have more energy throughout the day, get a metabolism boost, and get a mood boost to take on your day!

5.   Find a hotel with a grocery store nearby. Since you’re on the hunt for hotels anyways, find one that has a grocery store/food market within walking distance. This makes it easy to have a fresh and nutritious breakfast and snack options that will save you money in the long run by not having to purchase additional meals. This also provides a really fun way of interacting with the locals and getting some insight into some of the best sights to see while you’re there.

6.   Seek out restaurants with nutritious choices. While you are scoping out the landscape find some restaurants close to your hotel that have their menu displayed online so that you can plan out healthy dinner options to eliminate some of the stress of last-minute decisions.

7.   Hoof it. When at all possible, try to avoid cabbing directly from your hotel lobby to your destination; walk, bike, or get acquainted with the transit systems. This will keep you up and walking throughout the day and provide you with a unique way of discovering the locale.

8.   It’s not about the food. Ok, sometimes it’s about the food… like, always. BUT, it doesn’t always have to be high-calorie, high-sugar, and high-fat junk food. Enjoy some of the local treats, have some decadent entrees and desserts, but make sure to eat slowly and actually enjoy them. Try to avoid snacking mindlessly on foods, as these calories can add up and cause you to feel bogged down as the days go on.

9.   HAVE FUN! Stress wreaks havoc on the body in all kinds of ways. If you over indulge one day, don’t dwell on it. Own it, and then move on. If you have the opportunity to try some delicious local treats, dive in! If you sleep through a workout one day, move on! Enjoy your vacation and start each day with a clean slate.