Happy New Year to all!

We had a year abundant with growth, learning, and transition at F.I.T. and we are excited to continue passing on our lessons learned with all of you. 

One of the ways in which we as coaches have been working on improving is by learning as much as we can about motivation and commitment, and how to create life long habits. You might have heard that 90%+ of individuals will abandon their New Years resolutions by February. At F.I.T., our aim is to ensure that our clients do not fall into that 90%. 

This week we will be launching our 2018 Kickstart program! We are dubbing this year's challenge, The Little Red Book Challenge. Once the registration and initial assessment is completed, participants will receive their own personal little red notebook. From January 8th through February 27th, participants will keep a journal comprised of three components: 

1) Gratitude Journal: Each day, participants will write down a minimum of 2 things they are grateful for that day. 

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.” -Anthony Robbins

2) Food Journal: When it comes to nutritional habits, awareness is key. Oftentimes, it is not necessary to make big, elaborate changes. A few small tweaks to current eating habits can be sufficient, but the first step is becoming aware of what those current eating habits are. Participants will write down everything they eat or drink for the duration of the Kickstart Challenge. There will be no judgement on the types of foods listed in the journal, the most important thing is that it is completed daily. 

"Every meal is...
A short-term investment in how you feel & perform, a mid-term investment in how you look, and a long-term investment in your freedom from disease.” - Alan Aragon

3) Exercise Log: Spending hours each day in the gym is not necessary for general health, but doing some movement each day provides a host of physical and psychological benefits. The exercise log does not have to be detailed down to sets and reps, just a jot note about what kind of activity was done that day (examples could include a 60 minute workout with Jenn, 30 minutes of dog walking, 15 minute morning yoga). Even if you did nothing, write it down!

"Movement is a medicine for creating change in a person's physical, emotional, and mental states."               - Carol Welch

At the beginning and end of the challenge, participants will receive a body fat assessment, measurements, photos, and optional fitness testing. There will be a variety of rewards given out but in order to be eligible, each participant's journal must be complete. 

Remember to use the hashtag #littleredbookchallenge so that we can follow your progress!

To register for the challenge and to book your initial assessment, talk to Jenn or e-mail jennvfit@gmail.com