...Bootcamp's Back! Tell A Friend!

Nutrition Bootcamp is back for our Fall session, and we are so excited!

Last time around, we saw our clients lose pounds, body fat, and inches and gain the knowledge and confidence to make dietary choices which support their goals. There was no calorie counting, and no measuring or weighing food. Instead, we learned some practical and easy habits and tricks to apply to every day life. 

Even clients with dietary restrictions (vegetarian/plant-based dieters, gluten-free, dairy-free, etc) were able to take the knowledge gained and apply it to their lives. 

This course is not about eliminating carbs, or cutting fats. It's about finding balance between all of the foods you love, and the foods that are good for you (and discovering that there is a lot of overlap!) to help you reach your body composition and performance goals without ever feeling deprived. 

Sound like the course you are looking for? Join us for some delicious snacks each week as we dispel some of the most common myths, and make sense of all of the mixed messages thrown out by the media!

Class starts Sept 18th!

E-mail info@fitwc.ca or call 306-979-0151 to register

Course Syllabus:

Week 1 Nutrition 101
Week 2 Carbohydrates
Week 3 Fats
Week 4 Protein
Week 5 Portion Sizes & Nutrient Timing
Week 6 Water Intake
Week 7 Micronutrients
Week 8 Grocery shopping & Label reading
Week 9 Superfoods
Week 9 Holidays/Work Travel
Week 10 Meal prep
Week 10 Supplements