Here at FIT, we don't just use the hashtag #notyouraveragegym, but we try to live by that motto every single day. Our main goal is to reduce the barrier to entry for physical activity. We work hard to make coming to the gym as easy as possible for all of our clients.

  • Free Parking
         We have free parking available directly in front of the studio, as well as plenty of close on-street parking. No need to worry about having change for a parking meter or waiting for parking spots. 

  • Post Workout Nutrition
         As coaches, we understand that success does not start and end on the gym floor. This is why we take a holistic approach with our clients and incorporate exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching in our method. After each workout, we provide our clients with a post-workout protein shake or snack. The powder that we use is vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, and soy-free, and tastes especially delicious paired with fresh fruit, chia, hemp, or cinnamon. 

  • Client Education
         We love to learn and grow, and we try to provide these same opportunities to our clients. We offer a 10-week Nutrition Academy course which teaches both the science of nutrition, as well as how to apply this knowledge to develop healthy daily habits. We also bring in a variety of health, mindset, and lifestyle professionals as guest-speakers to help our clients excel in all areas.

  • Free showers, fully stocked
         Our goal is to make incorporating physical activity as easy as possible. We have a private shower, fully stocked with soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, aftershave, and any other accessories that you might need. This allows our clients to come to the gym before work, or to sneak in a workout before social events without having to worry about bringing a lot of extra items along. Our change room is also stocked with a hair straightener, blow dryer, curling iron, lotions, hair products, and a clothing steamer. 

  • Free towel service for all members
         Whether for the shower, or to wipe of sweat in the studio, we offer free towel service to all members. This is just another way that we try to set our clients up for success, by providing one less thing that they need to worry about.

  • Freedom Access; no appointment needed
         We understand that sometimes life happens, whether it's trying to get the kids out the door, being stuck late at work, or hitting that train on your way to the gym. Sometimes, things happen which interfere with your ability to be here at a set time. For this reason, we have Freedom Access. We open at 6am and close at 7pm, and our clients are free to come anytime within that time frame for their workouts. It doesn't matter whether they arrive at 6:08am, 8:46am, 12:22pm, whenever they show up, there will be an enthusiastic coach waiting to greet them and put them through a workout customized for them. 

  • Storage space, ability to leave gym equipment here, one less thing to worry about
         Our changeroom comes with storage space for clients to leave their gym equipment essentials here. Having a space to leave your shoes, deodorant, water bottle, and other accessories means less things to worry about carrying around with you throughout the day. 

  • Fit Finn
         We've got a pretty awesome little betta fish. His name is Finn, and he does tricks. (No he doesn't, but he's beautiful)

  • Positivity and Community
         We have worked hard to create a culture which is positive, supportive, and uplifting. We view ourselves as a community, and have truly become a big family. Many clients will describe the friendships they've made at FIT as some of the most rewarding and authentic relationships they have. Through small details, like our community chalk board, our Jar of Wins, and regular team building events, our clients are able to support and be supported by this community. 

  • Client Celebration
         We don't keep it a secret that our clients are the beating heart behind everything we do here at FIT. We make it a priority to celebrate our clients' accomplishments both in and out of the gym. We've got a public bulletin board and space for clients to share their business cards, news, and upcoming events. In the main studio area, we've got a wall of fame where clients have graciously donated articles of clothing representing some of their amazing fitness accomplishments. From rugby, skiing, and motocross to Tough Mudders, Spartans, and Marathons to clients regaining the health and fitness to participate in rec sports again, our Wall of Fame is a perfect representation of the pride that we take in our clients.

  • Dark lighting
         If you were to visit the studio, the first thing you would notice is that the personal training studio is quite dark. This is by design, and has a dual purpose. For one, we find that being bombarded with bright lights and really loud music can be a little intimidating or off-putting. We want everybody to feel safe and welcome in the space. Secondly, our aim is to encourage our clients to develop a healthy relationship with their bodies, and that includes being able to listen to what it is telling you. The darker lighting allows our clients to focus more on how the movements feel.

  • Massage Therapy
         We are fortunate to have one of the greatest massage therapists working in house. Whether our clients just want to relax and unwind after a long week, or are experiencing muscle pain and tightness, our Registered Massage Therapist, Tim Rutley, is available 6 days per week for massage therapy. 

  • Common Area
         Sometimes coming to FIT is the only "Me Time" that our clients get as they juggle work, family, and social obligations. We have free wi-fi and cable available in our upstairs common area. Some clients enjoy sitting down with their post-workout shake to catch up on the latest news, while others will bring out their laptops and enjoy some coffee or tea while getting ahead on the day's work. 

  • The Small Details
         Alongside our high quality coaching services and facility, we try to focus on the small details that make coming to FIT an enjoyable part of everyone's day. We offer a "library" where clients can borrow a variety of books from financial wellness, to nutrition, to lifestyle and philosophy for no charge. We always have iced teas, coffee, and flavoured ice water on hand for clients, as well as a full stock of water bottles and workout gear in case anyone forgets something at home. 

  • Coaches who Care
         "My favourite part about coming to FIT is that every time I walk through the door, the coaches are SO happy to see me. They greet me with a huge smile and it is like the best part of their day is seeing me show up" - Jill T. 
        We mean it when we say that our clients are what makes FIT the best place to be. We feel like we can never do or say enough to express our gratitude to the wonderful people who show up day after day, week after week, year after year.