Nutrition Bootcamp 2016

At F.I.T., we don’t believe in fad diets, crash diets, or living a restricted lifestyle. Our philosophy revolves around giving you the tools that you need to be successful long term, without living in deprivation.

Our nutrition bootcamp is a ten week course designed to teach the fundamentals of nutrition. Each week, we will cover a different topic to help you make slow, sustainable changes to your current eating habits. You will be provided with weekly course notes and light homework assignments to facilitate your lifestyle change. Join us for a weekly in person seminar on nutrition with healthy snacks provided! The syllabus is as follows:

Week 1  - Nutrition 101
What is a calorie, determining calorie intake, realistic weight loss/gain, goal-setting

Week 2  - Carbohydrates
Don’t think “Good” vs “bad”, look at simple vs complex, how to choose quality, benefits of fibre

Week 3  - Fats
Trans/saturated/unsaturated, sources, benefits of omega-3

Week 4  - Protein
Plant based and meat sources, lean options, benefits of higher protein intake

Week 5  - Portion Sizes & Nutrient Timing
Precision Plate, portion sizes for C/P/F, nutrient timing

Week 6  - Water Intake
Calculating daily requirements, tips and tricks to drinking more daily, effects of dehydration

Week 7  - Micronutrients
Vitamins and minerals, choosing quality foods, why you should care about micronutrients

Week 8  - Grocery shopping & Label reading
Checking serving sizes, ingredient list length, shopping the perimeter, how to read nutrition labels

Week 9  - Superfoods
Chia, hemp, quinoa, cinnamon, turmeric etc. What they do and where to find them

Week 9  - Holidays/Work Travel
Choosing hotels and restaurants, planning ahead, damage control

Week 10  - Meal prep
Sunday Funday, prepping vegetables, prepping meat, planning snacks, cooler lunch bag options

Week 10  - Supplements
Greens, Fish oil, multivitamins, protein, probiotic, finding deficiencies in your diet, choosing a quality company


 Whether your preferences are vegan, vegetarian, paleo, or gluten-free, our bootcamp is 100% tailored to suit your needs. We know that you will see amazing results with our program! But don’t just take our word for it, hear what some of our previous students have to say:

Do you feel that this course provided long-term benefit to your overall health? Please explain.

Absolutely! This course provided me the fundamentals to make a total lifestyle change with my eating habits. The weekly assignments/readings gave me a chance to digest a small amount of information in one particular area, which I believe is effective in allowing the information to stick and completely change my eating habits. I was able to lose weight but never felt like I was on a restricting diet because this isn't a diet. It's information to help you make better healthier choices in your eating habits which make lasting results. – Jenna V.
It did! When I started, I weighed 271 pounds. Today I weigh 259 pounds. I feel that I have been taught to eat properly and I refer to the class work all the time to help me make smart choices and to have a balanced plate. There will never be enough “Thank You”s to express my gratitude. This class was what I needed so desperately. I have read Eat Clean and every other book out there, but they could not get me to eat the way that this bootcamp did. It really covered the skills that I was lacking. – Raj T.
Absolutely, it felt like this course armed you with the necessary tools and information to be set up for life. It taught you to fish instead of simply giving you a fish. I liked how it wasn't too prescriptive and instead of telling you to do “X”, it stated the information logically and told you what you needed to know to make an informed decision. – Rob B.


When: Thursdays, 6:30pm starting October 13th and ending December 15th

Where: F.I.T. Wellness Centre (323A Robin Way)

How Much: $250 for the full ten weeks or register with a friend for $400 for both!